NS motion

Our linear magnetic drive automatic sliding door system Provides Super magnetic linear drive as standard.

No belt, safer, convenient, low noise, less maintenance, DDA compliant

The NS Range of sliding entrance systems are powered by linear magnetic drives and designed for any modern interior, whether public or commercial.

 Innovative magnetic technology ensures that all NS systems are safe, reliable, and resistant to wear.

· Safe, reliable, whisper quiet

· Modern design and easy operation

· Reduced lifetime cost of ownership are

· Meets all safety requirements

· Door weight up to 400kg.

Modern design and easy operation. Ideal for both new and interior retrofit applications, NS Motion’s modern operation makes it an attractive and efficient way to update both the function and appearance of existing interior doorways. Our versatile range meets all safety requirements for low-energy applications; sensitive operation instantly detects any obstruction. Activation is achieved by any means of signal control.

NS motion

NS Motion Support green and LEED initiatives

By using Linear Magnetic Drive (LMD) technology, the NS range offers a low-energy system requiring minimal power. NS40S Power consumption 60w dynamic and on greatly reduces the carbon footprint compared with traditional belt drive.

 The Drive meets all DDA requirements and provides an automated barrier-free access. Low energy drives are safe without added safety sensors. On light contact, the door stops and reverses direction.

 All NS systems have fewer moving parts and incur less wear and tear, so it requires less maintenance than traditional automatic sliding doors.

Whisper quiet operation and optional touch-free activation. Its nearly silent operation is a plus in settings where noise and distraction need to be minimized. When installed with an optional activation device that provides touch-free operation, this helps prevent surface contamination. Door weight up to 400kg standard linear or telescopic.

 No need to lose design or style because of a heavy door leaf.

Belt Driven Traditional sliding door NS 002 Sliding Door Operator

The new, innovative NS002 sliding door operator system offers the perfect solution for all applications and service requirements.

 Tested to 1,000,000 cycles, the NS002 is a high-quality, high-performing modular automatic sliding door operator unit giving a superb and reliable performance. Additional options facilitate made-to-measure solutions for automatic sliding doors.



  • Automatic sliding door operator
  • Monitored battery backup system for use on emergency escape routes
  • Up to 3000mm clear opening widths
  • Single slide or bi-parting action
  • Door leaf weights up to 200kg (single) or 160kg (bi-parting per door leaf)
  • Replaceable track rail for cost-effective maintenance
  • Telescopic available With its extra-powerful motor and dynamic control, the integrated power system ensures safe and reliable operation.



Modular, flexible system. Dynamic driving phase control for particularly powerful operation – and with emergency power backup in the form of a rechargeable battery pack

Industrially prefabricated and tested Drive

The modular control system is upgradeable with additional functional modules. Easy commissioning via the integrated display

It May be combined with all customary door profiles Fully comprehensive range of accessories.

Reliable investment due to compliance with all relevant European standards

Technical data of the operator

Height 100 and 150 mm Installation depth 180 mm Opening and closing force,

Opening speed (incremental setting) 10 – 70 cm/s Closing speed (incremental setting) 10 – 50 cm/s Hold- open time 0 – 180 s

Supply voltage, frequency 230 V, 50/60 Hz Power consumption 250 W

 Class of protection IP 20

Admissible temperature – 20 – + 60 °C

Compliant with EU Low Voltage Directive and EMC Directive

Linear Magnetic Direct Drive System

Automation for all applications:


-Office Fit-out -Restaurants

-Independent Living

-Home Automation

-Wet Room

-Hospital Isolation ward

-Commercial Pod

-Drive-Thru Access Hatch

-Construction industry


The LMDD automatic drive system is energy efficient and does not require any particular maintenance interventions except cleaning the top and bottom track, general cleaning of the travel area of the door, and a revision and adjustment of the mechanical elements at least once a year.

To clean the top and bottom track and the wheels, please use only a dry cloth paying special attention so that it does not leave any waste along the rails. Do not use any liquids such as water or oils, as liquids may interrupt the electrical power supply to the motor.

In accordance with the European Low Energy Norm EN16005, it is also required to yearly perform a verification of the performance of the activation and safety devices.

The LMDD system can incorporate door weights from 70kg to 400kg.


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