Revolving Doors

Door Automation Corporation is the place to talk to about revolving doors in Ireland. Our company can design, repair, install, and maintain revolving doors for both commercial and residential apartment buildings. With our service, you can be sure that your building’s entrances will be easy to use and fully functional. These can be energy-efficient and easy to use without touching anything. They can also have power assist or constant turning to keep the user safe when getting in and out.


For getting out of a building in an emergency, security is very important. Electric collapse locks can be added to revolving doors so they can withstand a lot of wind pressure while still letting people out in an emergency and meet building code requirements.


Door Automation Corporation sells revolving doors and other related products made by well-known companies like Boon Edam, Blasi, and Crane Revolving Door.




We work with revolving doors that are designed to offer the most security to make sure your entrance is safe. Special time-of-flight sensors watch what people are doing inside the door compartments to make sure they are following the rules. This includes having the right credentials to get in and stopping people from “piggybacking and tailgating” to get in without permission. Special glass can be used in revolving doors to make them more secure, and a variety of strong materials can be used to make them look seamless.




When a revolving door doesn’t work as it should, it can quickly become a safety risk. People often want to try to open the doors by pushing on them, which could hurt them because the door turns. Because of this, as soon as you notice a problem, you should call a professional to give you an evaluation and fix your revolving door.


Almost every kind of revolving door has been seen and fixed by our trained staff. Even though this type of door comes in a few different styles, you can count on our team to fix everything. With experience and knowledge of the business, our team can quickly figure out what’s wrong with your revolving door and fix it.


We know how to fix problems with just about any type of door, from sliding doors to balanced doors. Just call us, and we’ll be there right away to help.


Doors are a very important part of a home’s security, and if they don’t work right, your property could be at risk. If you notice that your doors aren’t working right, give us a call today to set up an appointment. Repairing revolving doors is one of the things we do best, so you can trust our service.

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