NS Motion Door automation

Sliding door systems give buildings and us many benefits in terms of how they look and work. So, Five reasons you might want to look into automatic sliding door systems…




 First on the list is that sliding door systems keep you safe. When bought, they come with safety glass that won’t break. This makes them perfect for stores and other buildings in busy areas. Also, this is the time of year when the rate of break-ins goes up by up to 20%. Because of this number, it’s a good idea to be ready and make your home’s doors safer and more secure.


Easy Access


The next good thing about these doors is that they make it easier for everyone to use them. NS Motions doors make getting in and out of buildings much easier because they don’t need to be touched to work. It helps people who have trouble moving around, but it also helps people with strollers or people who are in a hurry.


Improved Hygiene


Sliding door systems are not only easy to use but can also help keep things cleaner. We don’t have to touch the door or button to open it, so we don’t spread germs, bacteria, or viruses to each other through busy doorways. We need to stay safe and stop spreading germs more than ever, and these doors are a great way to do that.


Energy Efficient


NS motion doors use high-quality parts and the latest technology to ensure that our automatic doors are cost-effective and last a long time. Another great thing about our sliding door systems is that they only open when someone is nearby or pushes a button. This keeps the heat inside the building, which lowers heating costs over time.


Natural Light


We’ll talk about how these doors offer fantastic natural light as our final advantage. This is because sliding door systems have extra-large glass panes. As a terrific element for any structure for both our mental health and simply to lighten the atmosphere, these doors will brighten any space.


Why NS Motion?


  • Our sliding door systems come in different sizes and designs to meet your needs.
  • Single or double leaf options available.
  • The automated operator is easy to change, so it works in different places, like airports, hotels, and hospitals.
  • The most advanced hardware and software solutions ensure that LABEL EVOLUS automation is safe and reliable.
  • LABEL EVOLUS is in line with the European Standard EN16005 and has passed all of the tests required by the EN13849 standard.

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