On the safe side
of fire

Fire automatic sliding doors combine the functions of standard sliding opening/closing with fire protection and a safe escape route without compromise. Fire resistance EI30 and EI60 are used to separate fire sectors and prevent fire spread in the building. In normal circumstances, product line 500 functions as a standard automatic sliding door, providing easy-going in-out. […]

400 Stylish design & functionalities

400 Stylish design & functionalities Product line 400 is stylish designed interior automatic sliding doors. Slim door lines, colors and decor create a modern, elegant and luxurious product. An attractive 6 cm slim drive with three different leaf solutions and a wide range of premium materials presents a complete story of perfection. It is the […]

5 benefits of automated sliding doors

Sliding door systems give buildings and us many benefits in terms of how they look and work. So, Five reasons you might want to look into automatic sliding door systems…   Safety    First on the list is that sliding door systems keep you safe. When bought, they come with safety glass that won’t break. […]