sliding doors

In Ireland Area, automatic doors that slide open and shut are everywhere. Retailers and other businesses use these handy fixtures all the time. Contact NS motion Door Automation Corp. if you need to install or fix sliding doors. Since the 1970s, our family-owned business has helped businesses of all sizes find good doors, products, and services at reasonable prices.


Sliding doors make it easy for people to get into your building. Businesses that get a lot of foot traffic, like grocery stores where customers are always pushing carts to their cars, need to have them. As our customer, you can count on getting doors that are of the highest quality.




We work with automatic sliding doors you must open and close yourself. No matters what you need for, you can count on quality, craftsmanship, and attention to detail that can’t be beaten. Our business has a good name because it always goes above and beyond what customers expect. We are the best choice for installing and fixing automatic sliding doors because we use trusted brand-name doors and know a lot about them. We can’t wait to hear from you and get started.




Give us a call if your sliding door won’t move. We’ll immediately fix the problem and get things back on track. Our team of professionals knows how to fix your doors because they know how they work. They will help you solve your sliding door problems quickly and effectively.


Automatic door repairs should always be done by a trained technician who follows the standard energy compliance for automatic doors.


Your installation depends on very well-balanced mechanisms that by skilled technicians. Even if it seems obvious why the door isn’t working, fixing it often takes a practiced hand to ensure it works again.


If you notice a problem with your sliding door, give us a call right away. We can fix automatic doors. It can be frustrating for the person to deal with a door that won’t open, and if it’s not fixed quickly, it could become dangerous. When you call us to fix something, we’ll be there right away to start fixing it.


it is important to have safe doorways for your customers, employees, and others who walk through. When things aren’t going well, call for service, and we’ll make sure everyone can get in and out safely.






Automatic sliding doors come in three different styles: single slide, bi-part slide, and telescopic slide. These come as full packages and can be glazed with different types of glass and metal.




Complete sets of automatic folding doors come with everything you need. This includes the operator, header, pivoting hardware, door panels, guide rails, lock, and activation/safety system. You can get them in either a single-fold or a double-fold style.