Swingin doors

In the Ireland area, automatic doors that swing open are everywhere. Retailers and other businesses use these handy fixtures all the time. We, NS motion Door Automation Corp. can help you install or fix automatic swinging doors. 

Swinging doors make it easy for customers to get in and out of your building. If you own a business like a grocery store where customers will be pushing carts to their cars, you need swinging doors. As our customer, you can count on getting the highest quality Doors.


We work with the best in their field and are made to last. Our goals are to ensure that your customers can get in through a door open during the day but locked at night. As our customers, you’re the most important thing to us.




One of the most important Periority for us is safety is. Contact us if you need door systems that keep people safe in your building. We’ll put in fire doors and frames made of aluminum, stainless steel, brass, and hollow metal that help stop the damage from flames and smoke in case of a fire.


We also install ADA-compliant swing door operators with power assist, or have full power for your employees and customers. Our company has everything you need when it comes to swinging doors. Call us the next time you need something done. We hope to hear from you soon.




Full-power automatic swinging door operators can come as whole packages or as the operator header and drive arm. They can be mounted as overhead-hidden operators for direct drive applications or surface mounted for push-and-pull applications. Products with swinging doors are made to be used for single, pair, or double egress.


When sold as a complete set, this will include an operator, header, door panel(s), jambs, finger protection (if needed), lock, guide rails, and an activation/safety system for automated door energy compliance. When the existing door panels are used, an operator with a header a drive arm, and the right activation and safety system, is provided. In any case, guide rails may be needed to protect the part of the door panel where it swings. If the guide rails might not be necessary the doors swing against a natural barrier like a wall, .




Ns motion swing door operators are built to last, look good, and require little upkeep. Automatic swing operators are quiet and easy to miss. Almost any door you open by hand can be turned into an automatic swing door. Operators can be put on new doors that are already there. NS Motion swing doors are made to be used often and with a lot of force. Self-learning microprocessor controls change the speed of a swinging door so that it opens and closes smoothly. Automatics can work at either low power or full power. All NS Motion swing doors are put through a million tests, In severe weather chambers.




Smart and beautiful in a small package. NS motion makes the first swing door operator that is built-in. The drive system, control unit, power supply, and user interface are all made to work together as One System, not as separate parts that can be turned on and off separately.