NS Motion Door automation

Simply put, Automated Door Systems are systems that make doors open on their own, usually when they sense someone coming.


There are different kinds of automated doors, like ones that swing open or slide open. They can either have weight sensors under the floor near the door or motion sensors above the doors that can tell when someone is coming. They can be made out of glass, aluminum, wood, or even plastic.


An Automated Door System is defined by the way the door opens is controlled by a machine and not by a person. Automated doors can be used in many places, like hospitals, shopping malls, airports, offices, and anywhere else you might want an automatic door.


Label UK can help you whether you want to automate a door that swings open or a door that slides open. It’s easy to put together, made of the best materials, and made to last.


Some of our products for sliding door automation are:


Label Evolus 

Evolus T 


Revolus T 

Label Retrofit 



Some of our products for Swing Door Automation are:


Label Neptis

Neptis Invers 

Vista SMP


Please look at our product pages to learn more about the different kinds of Automated Door Systems we have, and don’t be afraid to get in touch if you have any questions you can ask about which product related to door would be best for your needs. Installers can also get training at our training center in Bridgnorth on how to set up and maintain automated swing and sliding doors.


If you want an automated door system put in at your place of business, please look at our list of recommended installers. All of the installers on our list meet EN16005, which means they are fully trained and qualified to put in our products.