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Innovators with over 30 years experience and extensive knowledge of automation entrance technology

Product Features

Supports Green And LEED Initiatives

By using Linear Magnetic Drive (LMD) technology, the NS products utilize a low energy system requiring minimal power which in turn produces less carbon, lowering your footprint overnight.

DDA Compatible

We meet all DDA requirements and provide automated barrier-free access. Low energy is safe without added safety sensors.

NS Motion Door automation

Reduced Lifetime Cost Of Ownership

This system has fewer moving parts and incurs less wear and tear, so it requires less maintenance than traditional automatic sliding doors. Stop throwing money away.

Whisper Quiet Operation

Its nearly silent operation is a plus in settings where noise and distractions need to be minimized. Can be installed with an optional activation device that provides touch free operation.

About us

Exceptional Service for 30 years


- Over 30 years experience and extensive knowledge of automation entrance technology

- Innovations and specially designed door systems

- Competitive prices and prompt delivery times Competent, efficient, and friendly staff Exceptional after-sales service


NS Motion envisages that one day they will help with a better everyday life for many people and they will bring style and design to every home. Ns motion’s vision is to do their part in bringing the world’s energy consumption to a sustainable level and to make automation better for everyone.


To offer a wide range of sleek and stylish automation products at competitive prices. To reduce maintenance costs and lower the carbon footprint of entrance systems using groundbreaking technology.

Why NS Motion?

Smart & Convenient

NS Motion doors provide freedom of movement and great convenience to users, which is why you will find them in most shopping centres, supermarkets, airports, hospitals, hotels and plenty of other commercial businesses. But automatic doors provide much more than just convenience, they come with a whole host of other benefits which make them an asset to any business.

Hygiene Benefits

- A massive benefit of automatic doors is the increased hygiene they provide.

- The hands-free operation means minimal to no contact is required which massively increases sanitation, in comparison with a manual door which relies on a user to operate it.

- Air-tight function also reduces and can ultimately prevent entry of grime and dirt.

- These selling points means automatic doors are perfect for health institutions such as doctors’ surgeries and hospitals but will lend themselves to any establishment with high footfall.

Additional Benefits

- Corporate image

- Automation

- Easy to maintain

- Minimal-noise operation

- Accessibility (removing barriers of age & physical capacity)

- Effectively utilise space in comparison with manual doors.


Entrance doors are the most obvious vulnerabilities when it comes to maintaining indoor climates. When an entrance door is left open it increases the cost of climate control in the building.

Automatic doors are faster, smarter, and more suited to high foot traffic than ordinary doors. Therefore, automatic doors are a necessity for sustainable commercial buildings, helping to minimize heat transmission, air leakage, and air infiltration.

Our Products

Linear Magnetic Direct Drive System

Swing door Operator

Facade System (50N-HI)

Facade System (50N A)

Facade System (50N HL/VL)

Facade System (50N)

Internal Wall (Window and Door System)

FA 50N EI Facade System

TM 75EI (aLL GLASS FIRE protection walls)

TM 74HI (Window and door system)

TM 62HI (Window and door system)


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